We make sense of the data.

Leave the data to us. McClave + Associates focuses on applying the scientific method to unearth critical information. Our team is made of professionals with degrees in statistics, economics, business, mathematics, law, data science, and engineering. Our presentation of complex concepts – using simple, graphical depictions and concise explanations – make the data make sense.

New Firm with Over Four Decades of History

Established in 2023, McClave + Associates (MC+A) is a new firm that brings more than 46 years of trusted expertise to clients under the leadership of our Founder Dr. Jim McClave, CEO Dr. Jamie McClave Baldwin, and the collective power of our team of Experts and Associates. For nearly five decades, we operated as Infotech Consulting. Today, we offer the same established experience and commitment as we evolve to better serve our clients as an independent business solely focused on providing expert analysis through a vast range of specialties and services.



The Experts