How We Work

When you hire an outside partner for something as critical as statistical and econometric analysis and expert testimony, you need to know that the company you are doing business with is reliable.

Our national recognition and nearly five decades of work in this field speak to our successful process and integrity as your proven partner.

Endless Possibilities

Imagine a giant universe of data. To many people, that represents information overload, but to McClave + Associates, it represents a universe of possibilities just waiting to be decoded and shared — and how we do that is what makes the difference for our clients.

Pursuing Truth

We bring expertise and fresh eyes to the data. Our proven process looks for the patterns in the numbers, facts, and stories they tell so we can deliver that truth to you.

Centuries of Experience

McClave + Associates has over 400 combined years of experience in statistical, economic and econometric analysis and consulting.

Database Creation and Management

Analysis is only as good as the data on which it relies. At our foundation, we pride ourselves on meticulous, careful, efficient database creation to ensure all our analyses rest upon the most reliable information.


We leave no stone unturned and no rabbit hole unexplored. We ensure that the analysis we ultimately present is the most reliable, thorough, and complete analysis possible.


Every audience deserves our utmost respect. While everyone may not share our love of data and analysis, we hope by the end of our reports and presentations our audience gains an appreciation for the clear, concise, constructive information we provide.

“Your work on this case was invaluable…there is no question that it was well done, accurate and impressively presented.”

Attorney for Plaintiff