No matter what you’re faced with, we provide a full range of services dedicated to supporting your needs.

From expert statistical and economic testimony to damage analysis, to class certification and more, our team is always acting in the pursuit of truth on your behalf.

Expert Statistical Consulting

Expert statistical analysis involves more than crunching numbers. We start with listening to our clients and understanding the industry and data to develop the context in which our analysis is conducted. Our team’s proficiency with data sets of all shapes and sizes ensures careful database management, construction, and analysis. McClave + Associates’ experts excel at summarizing complex technical information in simple and accessible language and graphics. View a case study here.

Expert Economic Consulting

Antitrust liability and damages? Intellectual property disputes? Unfair business practices allegations? McClave + Associates provides economic and financial analysis for a variety of cases, including but not limited to: providing economic analyses in the context of alleged monopolization, calculating damages due to breach of contract or a defective product, and assessing foreclosure of would-be competitors by a dominant market player.

Expert Witness Testimony

Detailed data analysis, comprehensive preparation, and the ability to confidently communicate complex ideas in simple ways make our experts clear and credible in the courtroom. The McClave + Associates team of experts is led by CEO Dr. Jamie McClave Baldwin and founder Dr. Jim McClave and includes Dr. Rob Kneuper and Dr. Kevin Caves. Together, the team has developed a reputation for thorough and professional expert testimony in both state and federal courts. View a case study here.

Econometric Analysis

Econometrics is the application of statistics to economic issues. McClave + Associates’ team of economists, statisticians, and other professionals is equipped to tackle complex analyses and provide clear and concise summaries of our findings and results.

Statistical Analysis

Analyzing data is our passion, and our proficiency at doing so ensures careful exploration of the data, leaving no stone unturned, through sophisticated analysis. Our team excels in summarizing the complex and presenting it in clear, concise reports, graphics, and expert testimony. View a case study here.

Damages Calculation

Our analysts are true professionals in the calculation of economic damages. Whether your case involves antitrust, breach of contract, fraud, product liability, or other business tort, our team has the depth, expertise, and experience to provide an accurate, reliable calculation of resulting damages. View a case study here.

Class Certification

Class certification has become a high hurdle to clear in antitrust litigation. Our team has developed cutting-edge methodologies to meet today’s class certification standards. Our rigorous analyses of large and complex datasets provide reliable estimates of aggregate overcharges and assessment of classwide impact. View a case study here.

Data Management

Whether from litigation productions by dozens of diverse parties, government agencies, or publicly accessible sources, our team has the resources and expertise to manage and make sense of the data. We use state-of-the-art programming and data security procedures to provide both relevant and secure data. View a case study here.

Case Development

We’re not just about numbers — McClave + Associates also provides complete case development including document and project management, industry research, and thorough and concise analysis. Whether in support of a damages analysis or expert economic consulting, our team works with you through all stages of the case – from pre-complaint to discovery and throughout trial.

Courtroom Support

With over 46 years of experience in preparing for and providing expert testimony in depositions, hearings, and trials, we know how to support you. Partner with our team to tell your story effectively with clear and persuasive demonstratives, pointed cross-exam questions, and thorough witness preparation.

Industry Analysis

Our seasoned researchers and analysts dive deep into an industry to provide you with the analysis that you need to make informed decisions about next steps, whether that is further investigation, the filing of a complaint, or a settlement negotiation.

Pursuit of Discovery

With decades of experience about the data and documents that are most needed to build your case, our team is in your corner to provide assistance in preparing targeted discovery requests.