We know that the way to the truth is through incontrovertible facts – delivered in a way everyone can understand – and that will ultimately serve to convince and persuade.

From antitrust to healthcare fraud, to product liability and more, our team recognizes that it all comes down to the reliable collection, analysis, and interpretation of data.

Our Specialty Areas

 Explore our specialty areas below and feel free to contact us if you need further information.


From our beginnings in the development of software to detect bid-rigging, our team has 46 years of experience in providing reliable economic and statistical analyses for antitrust cases. We have provided expert analyses to support both the liability and damages phases of antitrust cases ranging from school milk to advanced technology, and scores of industries in between. View a case study here.

Labor and Employment

We provide data-driven insights into matters such as pay equity and representation at all levels of an organization’s workforce, as well as expertise in antitrust and other policy areas as they relate to labor markets.

Biostatistical & Epidemiological Analysis

Reliable statistical analysis is essential to progress in the fields of medicine, biology and public health. Our team brings their vast experience to find solutions in evaluating causation of disease, risk assessment, rates of decay and survival analysis, among others.

Environmental Analysis

Our team of experts has been instrumental in developing sound statistical methods for environmental monitoring. From studying environmental impact to developing air and water quality modeling, environmental analysis is at the heart of McClave + Associates’ values and expertise.

Construction Defects

Our commitment to analytical integrity provides an edge to litigation involving allegations of construction defects. McClave + Associates helps our clients ensure that planning, execution, and analysis of destructive and observational testing is reliable, replicable, and statistically appropriate. View a case study here.

Business Valuation

Our team provides expert econometric valuations of all or parts of businesses alleged to have been impacted by tortious interference, breach of contract, or other business torts.

Healthcare Fraud

The U.S. Department of Justice and U.S. Attorney’s Offices have relied on McClave + Associates for decades to conduct medical claims sampling and to estimate damages from Medicare and Medicaid fraud. We have the proven expertise in data warehousing and statistical techniques needed to work with agencies responsible for public healthcare expenditures, and we can help you anticipate and react to new legislation. View a case study here.

Pay for Delay

McClave + Associates has substantial experience in analyzing pay for delay antitrust cases including analyzing competitive effects, damages and common impact from these agreements.

Regulatory Enforcement

McClave + Associates provides economic, financial and statistical consulting advice in the context of state and federal government enforcement of regulations. Our team has provided analyses of a variety of business practices in conjunction with regulatory proceedings and regulatory oversight, for both government and private clients.


McClave + Associates brings a wealth of experience to both government and private clients involved in mergers and key antitrust issues as market definition, market power, entry barriers, competitive effects, power buyers, failing firms, and efficiencies.

Product Liability

Proving product liability claims inevitably involves data. Our team brings expertise in the economic, financial, and statistical analysis of those data and associated economic damages.

Breach of Contract

When a contractual agreement is breached, our team has the expertise to analyze market statistics, sales trends, financial records and other relevant data to assess the economic effects of the breach. View a case study here.

Intellectual Property

Patent disputes involve complex analyses of a product’s demand or potential in the marketplace, its sales, and the cost of lost sales. At McClave + Associates, our expertise in data and econometrics provides our clients with the information needed to evaluate or support intellectual property claims.

Multi-Sided Markets

Whether performing economic, econometric, or statistical analysis, our team’s experience and techniques enable us to tackle the challenges posed by potential antitrust issues in the context of multi-sided markets.

No-Poach and Non-Compete Agreements

McClave + Associates brings decades of diverse experience to address cutting edge issues involving no-poach and non-compete agreements.