After a mass termination by Guidant Corporation in August of 2004, whereby 721 Guidant employees were given notice of employment termination, a wrongful termination suit was filed.  450 of the employees terminated were age 40 or older. Their last day of work was the day on which they received their termination notice. Defendant announced at the time that the terminations were the product of a reduction in force necessitated by the reduced financial fortunes of the company.

Infotech Consulting was retained to perform statistical analyses relating to the reduction in force (RIFs) applied by the Defendants during the 2003-2005 time period.  Specifically, Infotech Consulting examined whether employees in the protected age group (40 and over) were at significantly greater risk of termination during the RIFs.  In each analysis, the protected age group class was disproportionately affected by the RIF at highly statistically significant levels. This analysis was a significant contributing factor in the settlement of the case.

In re: Joseph Pagliolo, et al. v. Guidant Corporation, et al (2008)

“Your work on this case was invaluable  … There is no question that it was well done, accurate and impressively presented.”  Attorney for Plaintiff