Janese Nix, Statistical Analyst

What questions can be answered with statistical modeling? We say, “All of them!” And our colleagues around the world agree.

Want to know what basketball team will win March Madness this year? Model it!

Want to know if your bidders are acting competitively? Model it!

Want to find out if our elections were hacked? Model it!

All you need is the right data. That’s where Infotech Consulting comes in. Collecting, mining, sorting, testing, verifying, understanding, and extracting information from data is what we love to do. With quadrillions of bytes of data produced daily, there is certainly no shortage of information. The efficient processing of overwhelming amounts of information is essential to our practice.

We specialize in not only finding and utilizing relationships within data but also finding data resources to expand that understanding. We find the signal in the noise and make the complex simple.