One of Infotech Consulting’s Summer 2019 Interns, Tirza Angerhofer, sat down to answer a couple of critical questions about her academic interests, her internship expectations, and her desired superpower. Check out this interview to get a glimpse of the next generation.

What university are you attending and what is your area of study?
University: University of Florida
Major: Economics, International Studies

What drew you to that area of study?
Initially, I began my college career as a business major studying Information System. In the last semester of my Freshman year, I began working for Dr. Roger Blair in the economics department who has had a huge influence on my major decision. It was through this job that I discovered my interest in economics, antitrust, mathematics, and statistics.

What has been your favorite course outside of your area of study?
My favorite class outside of Economics and International Studies was Principles of Entomology. Nature is a part of my childhood. I grew up around it and my family would always take vacations to National Parks. Learning about insects brought me back into that world and allowed me to learn about creatures that are not well understood but play a huge role in the ecosystem.

What are you hoping to gain, learn or experience during your Infotech Consulting internship?
When I leave Infotech Consulting for the last time, I hope that I can carry with me knowledge about data analytics and case development, but even more so I hope to gain a sense of pride that as an intern at Infotech Consulting, was able to be a part of cases, whose lasting impacts are much bigger than anything I could accomplish on my own.

Do you have any pets? What kind and what are their names?
I have a cat named Maya whose claim to fame is her ability to high five for treats.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?
Teleportation would allow me to travel anywhere for free and help me save time on my morning commute.

Share a fun fact about yourself.
I can throw someone twice my weight on the ground…with their participation. I have been a part of the judo club at UF for over a year now. Although I don’t stand much chance in a street fight, I hope I have gained enough skills to be able to get away if I need to.