In our time at Infotech Consulting, it is safe to say we have been somewhat spoiled by the broad range of opportunities we have been given. It is not often you find a company that promotes the social well-being of fair, competitive business practices, while also encouraging you to build camaraderie with fellow interns through ping-pong and Pac-Man.

On May 21, 2019, we arrived for our first day not exactly knowing what to expect, but we had a desire to learn as much as possible. From the very first week, it became clear that Infotech takes pride in its work without compromising the well-being of its employees. A fair amount of Infotech Consulting team members have worked here longer than the three of us have been alive, which speaks volumes about how Infotech treats its employees. 

Michael’s Recap

I am an economics graduate student at the University of Florida. Upon coming to Infotech, my main point of interest was learning more about data management and data analysis because I know how vital data skills are in the field of economics. I am extremely grateful for the guidance and support of the data management team, and I am especially appreciative of their patience with me as I continue to learn new coding skills. In addition to the exciting new data skills I have learned, I have also been fortunate enough to work with Infotech’s Economic Expert Dr. Rob Kneuper on some of his casework. I feel lucky to have been given such a well-rounded experience so far. There is no shortage of wisdom here. My favorite part of this internship is that I was afforded the opportunity to do legitimate work on projects that the company’s expert witnesses will depend on, which is the sort of confidence and trust that does not appear to be common across many other internships. This team genuinely believes in our abilities, and I think that is essential to any valuable internship. 

Tirza’s Roundup

I am a rising junior at the University of Florida studying economics. I first became interested in Infotech because I was doing research on using algorithms to police tacit collusion. Infotech’s bid rigging analysis software is a great example of how data analysis of market structure can be used as circumstantial evidence of collusion, and this internship program has allowed me to gain firsthand experience with antitrust economics. I was already familiar with the case development process through my work at UF with Dr. Roger Blair who does antitrust consulting. However, I lacked the data analysis skills necessary to fully analyze a case. Nine weeks in, I am much more comfortable with SAS and I count that as a success. The case development work I have done has complimented my previous knowledge especially since individual cases always have their own idiosyncrasies. The variation keeps me on my toes and makes the work dynamic. As an intern, I am treated like a valued employee because of the relevant work I do and the attitudes of the many mentors in my department.

Erin’s Report

Just a few months ago I was frantically searching for a summer internship. At the time, I didn’t know where I wanted to be or what I wanted to be doing, but I cannot be happier that my choices led me to Infotech. As a rising senior studying both statistics and political science, I wanted to find a professional experience that would allow me to utilize skills I have gained from both of my majors. Most of my experience with statistics comes from a theoretical background, so it has been very interesting to see how statistics can be applied to a field as interesting as antitrust economics. However, my work has not only been limited to statistics, as I have also been given the opportunity to work with the case development team on research that is imperative in creating accurate statistical models. This internship has provided a unique opportunity to learn about the entire process of econometric and statistical consulting, not just one aspect of it. Although I have learned a lot from the variety of work that I have done over the last nine weeks, I have also had the opportunity to learn from everyone on the consulting team, who are more than happy to answer any question that I have. Everyone is so passionate about the work that they are doing, and the quality of the work done here reflects that. My time at Infotech has taught me how important it is to feel valued by the company you work for and to value the work that you are doing. 

Together, we are extremely grateful for the opportunity we have been given!