Meet The Team

Ramon Littel

B.A. Emporia State University – Mathematics
M.A. Oklahoma State University – Mathematics
Ph.D. Oklahoma State University – Statistics

Specialty Areas

  • Utilization of the SAS for Statistical Analysis of research data
  • Application of mixed linear models for the analysis of repeated measures and panel data

Dr. Ramon Littell


Dr. Ramon Littell is an Associate Consultant for McClave + Associates. He has served as a statistical advocate for pharmaceutical companies in the promotion of appropriate statistical methods for analysis of their research data.

Dr. Littell has served as a consultant to numerous pharmaceutical companies, including Eli Lilly and Company, the Upjohn Company and Novus International. He also has keen insight into the use of statistics in the food and agricultural industries based on his consulting and collaborative research experience with scientists in the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS) at the University of Florida.

He was a statistics educator for more than 40 years and most recently served as a professor in the Statistics Department at the University of Florida. He also has presented short courses for numerous companies and governmental agencies. His major applied career focus has been on the utilization of the SAS computer software for statistical analysis of research data. Most recently, he has worked on the application of mixed linear models for the analysis of repeated measures and panel data.

Dr. Littell has co-authored five books on statistics, including SAS for Mixed Model, SAS for Regression, and SAS for Linear Models, and has been published in many respected journals.

Dr. Littell holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics from Emporia State University, and both a Master’s Degree in Mathematics and a Doctorate in Statistics from Oklahoma State University.