GAINESVILLE, Fla. – April 15, 2013: Info Tech, Inc. is the presenting sponsor for the 4th Annual Cade Museum Prize Night. The event will be held on Thursday, May 9, at the Santa Fe Fine Arts Hall in Gainesville, Florida.

The winner will be selected from more than 80 entrants from all across the state of Florida, with judging based on innovative quality, breadth of impact and breakthrough potential. The four finalists’ entries include an advanced artificial finger prosthetic,a technology that converts solid waste to energy using advanced thermal technology, a next generation S-QLED display panel, and software that calculates the volume of liquids in bottles for use in bar/restaurant inventory. Info Tech has been a sponsor of this event for the past three years, supporting the creative thinking and contributions of today’s innovators.

The Cade Museum, named for Gatorade creator Dr. James Robert Cade, established the annual Cade Museum Prize to recognize and encourage cutting-edge innovation and creativity in Florida.

When Info Tech opened its doors more than 35 years ago, the founders encountered many of the same obstacles that today’s startups encounter. Tom Rothrock, senior vice president of Info Tech, knows first-hand the potential impact of the Cade Museum Prize.

“This evening is about recognizing and helping start-up companies in Florida who will become the next big success stories that enrich our communities, employ our citizens and improve the quality of life for our future generations,” Dr. Rothrock said.

About the Cade Museum Prize

The Cade Museum Foundation launched an annual competition recognizing and encouraging Florida innovators in 2010. The 2013 award will once again be a $50,000 cash prize. Though the Cade Museum is headquartered in Gainesville, the Cade Museum Prize is open to all Florida residents. The purpose of the Cade Museum is to inspire creative thinking, future inventors and early entrepreneurs. Tickets for the May 9th Cade Museum Prize Night are available at For more information, visit