Gainesville, Fla., May 22, 2018 – Info Tech®, Inc., a leader in software solutions that advance and automate construction and provider of expert statistical and econometric litigation consulting services, is proud to announce sustainability achievements on the one-year anniversary of operating inside its new, state-of-the-art headquarters. The facility demonstrates the impact Info Tech has in the area, including employing 250 employees, and its commitment to embracing environmental, economic and community sustainability.

Info Tech moved into the 65,000-square foot building located in the heart of Celebration Pointe on May 22, 2017. The new headquarters is a three-story building that features a solar system and green roof.

“This is our first owned building, and it was a non-negotiable for us to build this facility in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly manner,” said Tom Rothrock, Info Tech co-CEO. “Two key investments we made in order to see long-term benefits both to our company and the local economy were installing a solar system and green roof.”

Solar System Produced 49,672 kWh in Four Months

Info Tech’s roof contains a solar electric power system that generates electricity from sunlight without producing air pollution and hazardous waste. The 127.92 kW solar panel system is estimated to generate nearly 20 percent of the facility’s annual energy. The solar panels produce clean energy, allowing the company to consume the power generated by the panels. Installing the solar system transformed the rooftop into an efficient, renewable energy power plant with the added benefit of cost savings. In the first year of operation, the average monthly amount of kilowatt hours the company did not have to purchase was 9,934. In addition, the company has optimized energy performance by 34 percent using lighting controls and other energy-saving lighting features.

Green Roof

A 2,400-square foot green roof is located on the third floor and provides water conservation, energy conservation and use of recycled materials. The landscape design honors the region’s spring-fed Santa Fe River by replicating its movement in a winding river rock creek through the plantings. Native and ornamental species were strategically selected to adapt to a roof environment, including the 8-inch media depth, and the Florida climate. While an automatic, drip irrigation system was installed during construction, it will be turned off today because plants have become established and can rely on nature for continued sustainability.

“When designing this green roof, it was a priority for the designer to highlight the Gainesville area and our local region,” Rothrock said. “While our company serves customers nationwide, we wanted to honor the region where Info Tech has operated for over 40 years and where the majority of our employees live.”

In addition to the solar system and green roof, the company’s sustainability practices include reserved parking for fuel efficient and carpool vehicles

“We have had a wonderful year operating from this facility,” said Amber McClave, Info Tech vice president of operations and chief legal officer. “It is visually attractive and practical, but most importantly, it is environmentally friendly.”

About Info Tech, Inc.

Info Tech consists of two core businesses: Info Tech Systems and Info Tech Consulting. Info Tech Systems develops cutting-edge digital solutions to support paperless environments and e-Construction initiatives through automated infrastructure construction management and Internet bidding solutions. Info Tech Consulting provides expert statistical and econometric litigation consulting services and support. With a diverse workforce and collaborative, relaxed environment, Info Tech is a Gainesville-born pioneer of innovation, committed to its family of employees, customers and community. For more information, visit or

Lacey Jones
Assistant Director, Corporate Communications