Gainesville, Fla., September 24, 2019 – Info Tech®, Inc., a leader in infrastructure construction software solutions and expert statistical and econometric consulting, announced today a new company brand and corporate website. Previously Info Tech, the company bridged info and tech together to create the new brand name Infotech.

The updated Infotech brand aligns its visual identity with the overall company goals and unifies its two lines of business under one parent company brand. The new brand reflects who Infotech is as one company, which includes both Infotech Systems and Infotech Consulting.

“Over the last 40 years, Infotech has built an enduring reputation for using data and technology to bring transparency, integrity and efficiency to everyone we serve,” Jamie McClave Baldwin, President of Infotech Consulting, said. “Our new brand not only showcases our strength of bridging innovation and integrity, but shows that our past, present and future are all tied to the same goal of continuing to lead the way in the industries we serve.”

The symbolism behind the bridge in the logo unites Infotech’s two businesses as well as the dual spirit of integrity and innovation present since the company’s founding in 1977. In addition to a new brand name and company logo, Infotech launched a modern corporate website on Redesigned with the user experience in mind, users can now view the company’s products and services through interactive product pages, download product resources and explore the company’s history throughout a dynamic timeline.

“While our look has changed, our customer service, products and commitment to our customers will never change,” Will McClave, President of Infotech Systems, said. “Our new brand better communicates who we are to our customers, and reinforces that through technology and data analysis, we are committed to providing solutions to some of the most complicated problems our customers face.”

About Infotech

Infotech bridges innovation and integrity by developing cutting-edge digital solutions for the infrastructure construction industry and providing expert statistical and econometric consulting services across multiple industries. Infotech’s two core businesses, Infotech Systems and Infotech Consulting, use technology and data to bring transparency, integrity and efficiency to the people we serve. With a diverse workforce and collaborative, relaxed environment, Info Tech is a Gainesville-born pioneer of innovation, committed to its family of employees, customers and community. For more information, visit or