Caves brings more than 15 years of expert economic consultant experience

GAINESVILLE, Fla. — (Business Wire) Infotech Consulting, a nationally recognized leader in data analysis with expertise in statistics, economics and econometrics, announced today Kevin W. Caves, Ph.D. is joining the team of experts as the new Data Analysis Director. 

Dr. Caves joins Infotech Consulting from Econ One Research, where he served as Partner. With expertise in microeconomics and econometrics, Dr. Caves has more than 15 years of experience in antitrust class actions, merger analysis, sector-specific regulation, consumer product litigation and more. He has served as a testifying expert in U.S. district court, before federal regulators and in arbitration. Dr. Caves is the architect of complex econometric models undergirding a range of high-profile antitrust cases; recent examples include Deslandes v. McDonald’s, Conrad v. Jimmy John’s, GSE Bonds Antitrust Litig, Foreign Exchange Antitrust Litig and UFC Antitrust Litig.  He has been published in popular outlets, law journals and economics journals, such as The Atlantic, Antitrust, Econometrica, Review of Network Economics and, most recently, the George Mason Law Review

Dr. Caves is co-developer of the Ackerberg-Caves-Frazer algorithm, an econometric technique widely taught to graduate students in economics and integrated into STATA, a leading statistical software package.  

“I’m genuinely thrilled to be joining the Infotech Consulting team,” Dr. Caves said. “I know from experience what a deep and dynamic pool of talent, resources and experience this company deploys for its clients.”

As part of Infotech Consulting, Dr. Caves joins a team with over four decades of experience providing exceptional services to a growing number of clients. Dr. Caves’ expertise and experience will greatly support  this continued success, both for current and future clients. 

“Our relationship with our clients at Infotech Consulting is a true partnership, and it is important to us that we invest in top talent to continue to meet our partners’ growing needs,” stated Dr. Jamie McClave Baldwin, Infotech Consulting President. “We are excited to welcome Dr. Kevin Caves to our team, and we are eager to introduce his extraordinary skills and knowledge to our partners.” 

Dr. Caves earned his doctorate in economics with a focus in industrial organization and econometrics from the University of California at Los Angeles in 2005.

Please join us in welcoming Kevin Caves, Ph.D. to the Infotech Consulting team.