Leading Florida tech employer offers unparalleled coverage with fertility solutions, gender affirmation procedures and more

April 20, 2021, Gainesville, Fla. – Infotech, a leader in infrastructure construction software solutions and expert statistical and econometric consulting services, announced today they are elevating their already comprehensive benefits package for the purpose of inclusion, offering employees access to critical services supporting fertility solutions, gender affirmation, holistic wellness and more. The new, inclusive benefits focused on additional value for employees are unprecedented for a company of its size and reach, with 350 employees in 27 states.

Among the new health offerings, Infotech’s fertility solutions benefit helps cover the costs of a range of fertility treatments including, but not limited to, assisted reproductive technology (ART), in vitro fertilization (IVF), storage and retrieval of reproductive materials and insemination procedures. The plan ensures services are available to all employees wishing to start a family, including same sex couples. Already, the company offers a generous eight week paid maternity leave in addition to a three week paid parental leave for birth and non-birth parents welcoming a child through foster care, adoption or birth.

“We have been very intentional with this coverage, right down to its name,” stated Tara Blythe, Vice President of Talent, Strategy and Communications for Infotech. “Fertility solutions ensures everyone in our chosen family of employees has access to the support they need to start a family when the time is right for them.”

Gender affirmation services have also been expanded under the comprehensive benefits package. This includes gender-affirming hormone therapy, surgeries, counseling and social transition support for employees and their family members covered under the plan.

These intentional investments in Infotech’s healthcare plans are offered at no additional cost to employees. In fact, Infotech employees will see no increase to their healthcare plan costs from the 2020 coverage year.

In response to growing needs and feedback from employees over the last year, the company also focused on the mental and holistic wellness of its employees. As a result, acupuncture will now be covered for employees, many of whom see it as a preferred alternative to prescription medication treating ailments like migraines, anxiety, insomnia and chronic pain. Every employee, regardless of whether they opt into one of Infotech’s healthcare plans, will also have access to the new Employee Assistance Network that offers mental health, behavioral, emotional and career counseling, among other support services.

“For us, it all comes back to inclusion,” shared Blythe. “We always give our employees a voice, and we’ve heard their needs. This comprehensive benefits package works to address those needs head on. By helping our employees start a family, access mental health counseling and support, identify holistic approaches to wellness, access gender affirming services and more, we are building a culture that values not just medical needs but overall wellness goals of each one of our Infotech family members.”

Infotech’s benefits package is just one of the many ways the company is accelerating a longstanding commitment to inclusion. Learn more at www.infotechinc.com/diversityandinclusion.


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