July 18, 2023, Gainesville, Fla. – Info Tech, Inc., a national leader in both infrastructure construction software solutions and expert statistical and econometric consulting services, announced today the company is separating into two independent entities. For over 45 years, Info Tech, Inc., has consisted of two businesses – Infotech Systems and Infotech Consulting – each serving their respective industries under one parent company. Effective August 1, 2023, Infotech Consulting is spinning off as a separate company named McClave + Associates (MC+A).

Info Tech, Inc., has existed as a single entity with expertise in infrastructure software and statistical and econometric consulting services since 1977. This separation is a strategic initiative to best position both companies for long-term, targeted growth in their respective markets.

“Both businesses have experienced record-breaking growth in the last five years, and while transitioning to two separate companies will be a monumental shift, we believe this is the necessary evolution to allow each company to embrace the momentum we have been fortunate to experience the last few years,” Infotech Co-Founder Dr. Jim McClave said.

Infotech and McClave + Associates will fully operate as separate entities with independent executive leadership. Dr. Jamie McClave will serve as both CEO and Expert for MC+A and Will McClave will be President and CEO of Infotech.

“When we had our first major case in 1981 that resulted in a then record settlement of $30 million for the Florida Department of Transportation, Dr. McClave and I knew we were building a foundation that was going to last a long time,” Infotech Co-Founder Dr. Tom Rothrock said. “What we didn’t know then was that the foundation we were creating was going to be the base for two incredibly strong, successful companies that have forever changed their industries – and will continue to make tremendous impact.”

To learn more about the history of Info Tech, Inc., visit the timeline found on infotechinc.com/company.

“I’m incredibly proud to see what Dr. Rothrock and I have been able to accomplish as a result of the tremendous contributions from our employees over four decades,” Dr. McClave added. “And, while we are moving forward as two companies, one thing will always remain – our core value of Treating People Right will be the guiding force for both Infotech and McClave + Associates.”

To learn more about Infotech, visit infotechinc.com. To learn more about McClave + Associates, visit mcclaveandassociates.com.

About Infotech
Info Tech, Inc., DBA Infotech (Infotech) is a leading SaaS solutions provider for the infrastructure construction industry. Informed by DOT relationships and decades of experience, Infotech develops software solutions that bridge the gaps between owners, consultants, contractors, and other project stakeholders. Whether it be tools for construction administration and inspection or secure online bidding, Infotech’s solutions are built to increase transparency, productivity, and the availability of data. Infotech is the developer of Appia®, Bid Express®, and Doc Express®, as well as the official contractor for AASHTOWare Project™. For more information, visit infotechinc.com.

About McClave + Associates
McClave + Associates (MC+A) is a firm that offers more than 46 years of trusted expertise to clients under the leadership of Founder Dr. Jim McClave, CEO Dr. Jamie McClave, and the collective power of its team of Experts and Associates. For nearly five decades, the firm operated as Infotech Consulting, and today, MC+A offers the same established experience and commitment under an evolved company structure solely focused on providing expert analysis through a vast range of specialties and services. For more information, visit mcclaveandassociates.com.